New Years Resolution

By: Jacob Rowe
Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Reading the news is as cemented in my morning routine as a cup (or two) of coffee. Without fail the lingering days of the closing year, and the first week of the new, are embodied by articles about resolutions. Publications recap the year past and prod us forward with new challenges.

I am the first to endorse a resolution to read more, eat healthier, save money, or get more sleep. Other calls to action like going to the gym, or visiting old friends are further from reach this year. Do we really need to add something more to our to-do lists? A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. 2021 seems like a good time to home-in on what we already have in hand.

Funeral Service has not been immune to great change this past year. Presently our ability to gather is again restricted. Families and ourselves are again challenged to pause and acknowledge life on adjusted scales. It is the ideal time to home-in on how we have been serving others.

Is there a need we can meet? Something we can do better? Simple changes (within the bounds of the present restrictions) that would make a difference to you? A problem we can solve? As caregivers, we Funeral Directors need to know the present need as you see it, help us home-in and be better together.

Please consider reaching out by phone, Facebook Messenger, or email. Thank you!

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