Lynn Belbeck

Lynn Belbeck
Funeral Assistant

While raised in London, marriage and  job offers in education found Lynn moving from London to Chatham. She and her husband soon discovered Chatham Kent was a great place to raise a family so planted roots and raised their two sons here.

Lynn views life and the world as a classroom with lessons to be learned every day from those whose paths she crosses.  She is grateful for these lessons (and others!) some  modeled by family, friends, children and colleagues while others were learned in interactions with those she has met in her volunteer efforts, faith community, and the school of life...

*kindness matters – practice it daily

*have faith in a blind date

*every expert was once a beginner

*keep your sense of humour

*every new baby is a miracle

*when you remodel, everything costs twice as much and takes twice as long

*remember everyone you meet carries a hurt, a regret, a passion and a dream inside of them

*you can't have too many friends.  

*children are the best teachers of creativity, persistence, enthusiasm, and unconditional love

*in groups always plan for the most vulnerable member

*expect the unexpected

*show gratitude for your good fortune giving generously of your time, talents and resources.

*focus on your dreams not your regrets

*if there were no challenges, there would be no opportunities

*becoming a grandparent is a trade off for aging

*light weight camping is not!

*no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides to a story

* things are always better with chocolate

*always keep some of the 'kid' in you

* there is still sooooooo much to learn