Dan Pomeroy

Dan Pomeroy
Funeral Assistant

Dan is a graduate of W.O.A. S. (Ridgetown College), and Canadian Bible College. He is also a graduate of Fanshawe College, Continuing Education, Basic Cabinetmaking. Now retired from Southwestern Regional Centre, he has been a call-in at McKinlay Funeral Home since 2007.

Born in Windsor, growing up at Maidstone, a small Essex County farming community, Dan enjoys his agricultural heritage.  The journey of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ began at an early age and has led him in a life time of offered service for Him in daily living and local church settings.

His Biblical “hero” has become Bezalel, whom God gifted to perform all kinds of craftsmanship in the construction of the mobile worship centre for the Israelites in the wilderness.  Woodworking was only part of Bezalel’s responsibilities.

Serving with the McKinlay team, to support families in honoring and remembering their loved ones, is a privilege Dan is grateful to share.

Dan Pomeroy

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